21 January 2010

The doors have just open!

Salam and welcome to my second blog.
Wow... Second blog? What's this all about? What happen to the last blog?
Well, the reason is simple... I'm sorting my blog out... That's why...

As you can see people, "Ceritera Hikayat Dongengan dan Realiti" is a story telling blog... I use it to express and sharpen my writing skills... while this blog, i want to change the genre a little bit different... Yup, u won't see any story I'm composing here... here, i'd like to involve more towards opinions, reviews, gossips and other crappy stuff that i think best to be fit in my entry... maybe such forums would be great here... hehehe... (even gossips maybe will be seems to wonders here i guess)...

Well anyway, i would like to thank you for stopping by and have a look at this humble blog... please do follow this one like my other blog... i'm sure, you'll be amaze and entertain with this blog too...
Stay tune for the first entry soon... bubbye...

sincerely yours,
.:: kUfaZuke ::.

ps: click here to visit Ceritera Hikayat Dongengan dan Realiti

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