17 April 2014

Karpal Singh Death, A Tragic End For A Great Iconic Figure.

When it comes to politic, i like to put myself in the middle of the line. Not siding anyone. The performance of all parties through the period given will determine my vote in the election.

To hear Karpal Singh's death is a sad news. But what those so called "jihadist" got to say about this is beyond me.
To say the late Karpal Singh tragic accident as a well deserve fate or "padan muka" because his challenge againts Islamic movement in Malaysia because Allah 'murka' and all is such a disgrace even to a muslim like me.

To me, what ever God that we worship, we all have one in common. We are human. We are one. We need to put aside politics on this.

A wife, children, grandchildren, fellow friends and family lost someone they love today. What would we feel if people say things like that when we lost people that we love?

So, we need to be a better person here.

To all that have an ass as a mouth, just keep your stupidity to yourself. We need a better civilian in this country. And if you can't fit in this party, find a cave and settle down.

My condolence goes to Karpal Singh's family and friends. We lost an iconic opposition member today. May they will be strong.

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