29 April 2014

Why Do We Men.. Hates Justin Bieber And Co.

Most girl, woman or even a few homos doesn't get it why we men (real men) doesn't like Justin Bieber. Not just Justin Bieber but the equivalent characteristic to Justin such as One Direction and all. The question is why? Why do men hate him so much. As we recall, there's nothing that Justin Bieber and compatriot did to ever offend guys.

There's a simple answer for this though and it is "PERSPECTIVE".

As we all know, they (Justin Bieber an co.) probably been a super trend and viral star that capture the whole world. They came from simple amateur music video and became viral on Youtube and later on became a pop idol. Same goes to those who stared in reality tv that engaged millions of fan during the show. So, what did they do to get such hatred from the same sex? Jealousy? Well.. reality check... NO.

Actually it's all about media. Do you know that 80% of the people in the world influenced by the media everyday? The media have become a big part to the people where information and routines are based on the reliance of the media. So, whenever something become a trend or viral, somehow it effect to people's mind that is the current lifestyle. No to mention fashion, sports or even in relationship. So, what's that have to do with all this?

We men have a big ego. Because we're men. That's what we are. But when someone such as Justin Bieber becoming a trend in the media, it just fucked us up. How? The apparel. Justin Bieber came to the industry with his cute boy-ish pop cultured fashion. And this have become an addiction to the opposite sex and homos to turn the whole of "men should look like" perspective.

Nowadays, when we ask a girl or even a woman the type of men they like or prefer, 85% will answer those who don't have beard (or just a glimpse of level 1 facial hair), clear skin, cute faces and a lil bit of mama's boy girlish type.

And we men of course will object this as hard as fuck.

Real men doesn't look like Justin Bieber. We men are the one with a muscular figure, egoist macho, sarcasm smile who doesn't talk much and have the "don't fuck with us" spirit. We men are the one looks like will do whatever comes from our mouth. The one that walk the talk. Not like some K-pop white skins and ridiculous hair fashion boy who will cry like a baby when fall down and hurt his knees. That's a pussy. Men are no pussy.

So, whenever a female describes a men looks like Justin Bieber, it's an insult for us!

Sometime it makes me wonder what's going on with this world. Crazy. Certainly, we did not deserve to described like that. We deserve more. Men have class.

Agree? Share your opinion?

- K.

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Jason Statham !!!!
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