06 September 2012

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector: Shipment Has Arrived!!

Yerp.. As the title says, the shipment from Japan have arrived!!  Yes, kejap je stok Kristall ni habis. Kena order direct from the factory to satisfies our customer's need. The utmost respect and thanks to all who have purchased this product and support the growth of smartphone technologies.

So, kepada yang dah order, nothing to worry dah now ye. Order anda semua dah sampai and there's a lot more from where that come from. So, just tunggu for us to deliver and install it by ourselves. Thanks for the overwhelming ordering and we'll try to give our best service for you.

So, dengan ini, dengan rasa berbesar hatinya, saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa Kristall Liquid Screen Protector is now up for ordering!! yeah.... cepat, while stock last... Product ni sangat laris sekarang ini dan cepat betul habis nya... kepada yang ingin menjadi agen juga, anda sangat-sangat dialu-alukan.. Just PM me for more info.

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Thank you.

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