05 August 2013

The Rudest Restaurant

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The Rudest Restaurant

I was trying to indulge my passion of food when I came across with a nice Chinese restaurant somewhere at the north. The place was so nice that I decided to give it a try. There was many people there and the food smells good. I can't eat pork so I ordered something without meat or chicken there. I know they don't prepare those dishes according to Islamic way and probably the equipment they use has been in for any pork related dishes. And after glance through the menu, I ordered the egg noodle soup. It's not that I'm a vegetarian but that's the safest dish I can get for myself.

After 15 minutes past, the egg noodle soup arrive. They gave me chopsticks as my cutlery. As a person from Malay culture, I'm not use to chopsticks. I rather have fork and spoon to eat those kind of food. So, I asked the waiter for a fork. I was surprised that the waiter scolded me for asking such a thing. It just like asking for ketchup at a Italian restaurant. The waiter's face turned blood red and say with his English-Chinese accent,

"Sir.. this is a Chinese restaurant. You don't ask that in here. Not me, my boss or the restaurant WILL GIVE A FORK to you. If you want a fork, go get it somewhere else. Here, we DON'T GIVE A FORK!"

That's the rudest restaurant I've ever been. Because they don't give a fork to their customer.

The end.

by Kufaz

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