10 October 2013

Spoil Kids... Spoil Kids Everywhere...

I admit.. the best era in this life is the 90s era. We had great music, great economics, great politics and even great a great society. But now we claim that today's generation is a rotten one and seems to be broken.

Do we consider that, it's the 90s origin parents that spoils this generation?

If I happen to be a daddy one day (inshaallah), I pledge myself not to spoil my kid to be a rotten one. I'll cane them if I had to. I'll teach them the old-school way to respect others. And I will teach them to have pain before to gain anything. So help me God.

I just fed up to see today's kids which mostly loss the sense to be a good being. I was eating in a restaurant when I saw a kid with his PSP scolding his parent for not ordering Coke for him. And keep his eye firmly at the game console when his parent try to talk to him. If I were that kid back in my days, my father would gave me a wonderful gift of all. A nice red cheek.
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