07 August 2012

Art: Apocalyptic

Today I don't feel so well to write any or even read. My head feels like to explode anytime soon. Maybe it is cause by the "wrong sided" sleep that I've been through yesterday. Anyhow, I hope I can get back on track tomorrow but in the mean time, here's some of my art which I suppose suitable to be labelled as apocalyptic theme which I stand there a value of bits of fear and in unique way include the feel of relief.

"War Puppets"
"We deem with our rights to live in peace,
But we didn't notice how,
our mind were programmed..." 

"Put down all egos,
Embrace that we're all servants,
They may be blinded...
But everything should have a reason for what happens"

"Lie awake down in deep,
Waited... waited... waited,
People helps... time is ticking,
One mission.... soon.."

Well, I guess that's all for now, I hope you guys love this and hope for your response on this. Well, it maybe simple but I hope it will touch people in someway. I will come out with other arts and perhaps I'll go into more contemporary theme after this. So, until then.... Thank you.

p/s: More like the image in my dreams last night.... pheww..

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