08 August 2012

Predictive Programming

Hi folks.. Sorry but this will be a short post. I don't feel quite well today. Still having this migraine that still stuck up in my head. But no worries, I'll be off for 2 days and maybe after that, I'll be writing more on this topic ok? So, in the mean time, I'd like to share with you guys one topic that quite interest me in someway. It's called Predictive Programming. I'll just give you guys a glimpse on this topic, and after I come back from my day off, I'll elaborate more. Cheers.

What is Predictive Programming?

This is a technique used by the media to tell you what is coming. Various forms of media are used to imbed the subliminal message in your subconcious mind. When the predicted event occurs, you are already familiar with it because you've been told it's going to happen. You will therefore be less likely to resist or question it.

Sounds interesting? Well, see you guys again ok for more info on this. Salute.

p/s: Please go away migraine... arghhh...

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