20 March 2014

Revirgination: Virginity is not only the hymen in your vagina

Yeah, I know. Many people would love to read this as the title itself includes virginity, hymen and vagina. Not to mention the appealing picture above. Try Google these words and see how many searches there is regarding this keyword. I'm not writing this for traffics nor because it have something to do with sex. Just to state my opinion, that's all.

Actually, there is a conflict in this society,specifically it to my country in which I reckon happen mostly towards my own race confusing between a virgin and not virgin or you can say "taken" (urban dictionary). Based on several books and forum that I've read, virginity are combining both physical and psychology. Not because a female doesn't have their hymen can we call not virgin. To be honest, I was shock when I once overheard a conversation between two "hijabster" talking about viginity. "Jangan risau, nanti kau makan pil dan sapu krim tu, dara la balik kau tu. Malam pertama nanti dia takkan perasan la". And I was like... seriously? Whatever.

So, what is this 'hymen' or my people called as "dara" really is?

Hymen is a membrane that partially closes the opening of the vagina and whose presence is traditionally taken to be a mark of virginity. Urban love to call it as cherry. And whenever a female lost her cherry, they often to be called as not virgin. Medically, hymen is not a strong layer to cover the vagina. Some say it as thin as a tissue. Therefore, it is understandable that it's not just sexual intercourse or masturbation can damage the hymen. It can be ruin by strenuous activities such as sports, outdoor activities, cycling or even while doing the aerobics. So, if let say a female lost her hymen because of all that activities, but yet to be fucked, does that mean she's not virgin? And vice-versa. How about those cases where the hymen is still intact after a virgin had sex (Well, I don't want to go into the length of that dude's jack, but I'm sure you'll get the picture). So...does she still a virgin?

So don't be confused. The lost of hymen, doesn't mean not virgin. As a brief, virginity is more to psychology. The experience of sex to be precise.

Have you ever heard about revirgination? A term that doctors use, to call as hymen repairing method in restoring 'female virginity'. It's like plastic surgery but waaay down south. Many woman out there were jumping and praise the Lord for the discovery of this method in order to lie to their future husband about their virginity. Well, I don't know if in Malaysia we have surgery such as this anywhere but it sure raises many inquiries among woman.

But.. Think again. For what?

Even if the hymen has been restore, you'll never erase the experience of having sex before. It's clear as it's get. You've been fucked. That's it. Pleasing your husband with your fake hymen maybe will make him happy, but will you feel the same? No. You'll be lying and probably will keep it to yourself forever. Isn't that hypocrisy? The experience you had with other person before, will still be there making you feel less virgin again.

The only revirgination that can be consider as its meaning is when there is a method or therapy to erase the experience from the brain. Neurology surgery perhaps. But I don't think that there's anything like that commercially right now or even in the near future. But it still can be achieve if should you have amnesia or memory loss injury cause by accident. Hmm... I wonder who would've wish to have themselves injured like that.

But in the other hand, I guess revirgination can't be all bad. There are females out there that wanted to restore their virginity due to some reasons. Rape victim for example. Their sacred virginity has been taken against their will. Of course they can't change what has been experienced in the past but surely with surgery like this, their hymen can be reclaimed should they want their precious diamond back again.

Virginity in my country can be said as an old news now. Woman no longer treasure it as it become a trend to be 'popped'. It were once  a sacred place where only the chosen prince can enter. But now, with all the spread of western influences by the media, now everyone can join the party. Woohoo!

Of course, if a man can't be detected whether he's still virgin or not, why should they care about the other's virginity? If you can fuck, why can't I fuck around too? Equality is a bitch?

Maybe modernization have it's toll on our society. The more we tend to modernize our life, the further we get from religions. We shift our culture little by little towards the west and I don't think we're going to stop any soon from now.

So, revirgination. What's your opinion?

To me, if you woman want to have pure love from your partner, then you must find someone who can accept you regardless if you're a virgin or not. Don't be a hypocrite. But that doesn't mean that you can go around and sleep with everyone else. Have some pride on yourself. If you really are keeping it for your future husband, then don't pop it before getting married. Keep the cherry box clean. I do believe a good woman is for good man. So, guys.. if you desires fresh cherry, keep hold of your Mr. Johnson. At the end of the long and wide patience road, there are lights of good thing awaits. A fresh cherry box! Hahaha.

If everybody can get hold of themselves, revirgination would be out of the picture.

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