10 April 2012

Reggae Sunsplash Concert 2012

Yo bro and sista!

Yup... This is a quick announcement for those yang suka gila atau sebahagian pengagung lagu-lagu reggae. What if, anda semua akan dapat a "Woodstock" kind of concert for reggae, right here in Malaysia?? Yup... I'm not talking about just a little concert like the other mainstream or rockstar wannabe concert, this is massive one. Imagine selain daripada local band, band-band from Indonesia, Filipina, Thailand dan Singapore akan join sekali.

Coming in From The Cold sedang merancang untuk mengadakan concert terbesar dinamakan Reggae Sunsplash Concert in Langkawi. The thing is, they need support from you guys. All you have to do is, go to this page,
http://www.facebook.com/sunsplasher , and like it. The more likes they get, the more closer you guys from hearing the ballad, soul and catchy tunes of reggae right here in Malaysia. The best thing is, mereka ni maybe akan menjemput sekali international reggae superstar to perform as well!

So, what you waiting for? Visit that page and show your love....

p/s: Let's bring out the love in you.
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