13 July 2012

3D Painting and Drawing: Ideas

Well, this going to be the first entry of me conversing in English. As you all know since back then, I adore the art of painting and drawing pictures in 3D perspective. To me, its one of the wonders of fulfilling one needs to view something from the other side of  view so that it can be interpret it in different ways. Yeah, I also happen to be throwing some of my simple 3D art in my previous post which I might say its just a rough and slender one since I'm still learning to master this skill. You won't complain for an amateur piece, won't you? hahaha...

Well, here's a basic compilation of some art that I truly envy and hope that someday, I can put my art on the street or walls around the town someday. Enjoy!!

(Please don't correct your eyes.. )

Nice right? 3D art really amaze me since it not only capture the beauty of triggering one's optical illusion, more over it also "re-sizing" places so that it will appear much wider or taller. So, instead of wasting a chunk of money to renovate, perhaps putting this kind of art is not such a bad idea. Hope, you guys enjoy this one.

p/s: One day, I'll be painting those murals... Wish me luck guys.. :)
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