16 July 2012

Prank Gone Wrong

Haha.. Don't you just love to watch prank shows? It really trigger my laughing clits right deep inside my heart. Okay sorry for such a hyperbolic statement. It makes me laugh. Prank shows usually put people into a situation that they think it's real but never they know that they've become the subject of the comedy. I love to see their reaction, faces and interaction after the prank to see how people's reaction to the situation. And yes, eventually they all will laugh it off at the end.

But what if the pranks goes the other way around? What if the pranks gone wrong? Is it going to be hillarious? Or maybe gone catastrophic? You decide...

Well, I guess some of it may be staged, but some didn't. Whatever it is, it's for the sake of enjoyment. We can see how many people that can cope with these certain ideas, and who don't. One way to another, we all going to laugh, ain't it?

p/s: Having thought of making my own prank video.. haha!
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